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By December 22, 2016September 2nd, 2020No Comments

Food deserts are areas where residents have minimal access to affordable fresh food options such as fruits and vegetables. There is a lack of grocery stores that are in traveling distance of the low income housing. There is a wealth of fast food establishments, liquor stores and corner stores that sell nothing but junk food and unhealthy food options. Chicago has more than 500,000 residents that live in food deserts.  

Food justice activists, urban farmers and community gardeners are fighting to provide nutritional foods to neighborhoods such as Englewood and Washington Park. Centers for New Horizons, RTW Veterans Center and The Bronzeville Alliance amongst other groups hope to increase food access and food security in our communities. These community based gardens will provide an opportunity for people to grow their own food and empower individuals to change their own lives. They desire to help in the efforts of planting seeds of hope and creating dynamic physical environments while increasing the community’s access to fresh produce. It’s all about education, beatification, and revitalizing low income homes. Every community deserves the best, and there are people in this city that will give them just that. Progress is a process, for a while there has been a crisis in our communities but now it’s time that we all join in the efforts to provide a solution.