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The garden and organic in design has been booming styles for some time now. Grand shapes, lush foliage’s and beautiful blooms are trending and it doesn’t look like its going anywhere soon. Large bouquets are on the rise as well. These bouquet are heavy in weight, huge in size, and a showstopper like no other. Cascading bouquets are coming back into play, there not as dated in appearance anymore but the classic elegance is in full effect.

No matter the look or the style I never want to create a bouquet that will take away from the beauty of my bride. She is the show, the bouquet is just a beautiful accessory. I also don’t want to create a bouquet that is underwhelming and too small for the bride to carry.  As a florist I never want to create something that is an afterthought.

Trailing ribbons, fabrics from a loved ones dress, broaches, jewelry and other interesting finishing touches really make a bridal bouquet special and unique to the bride. These accents tell the brides story and carry valuable memories that could not be present otherwise.

Every detail matters and every flower has a meaning. I’m so excited to incorporate these amazing elements used to create dream bouquets of the season.