Kee Self Care Kits


There are two things that I am making a priority going into this new season of life. The first, is to take better care of myself! The second, is to support more minority women who are entrepreneurs.

The concept for my self care boxes are simple! I have gathered a number of products from different minority femalepreneurs! Not only are the products quality, they are hand made by some talented women.

Each box contains the following:

A bottle of wine from Love Cork Screw

A bar of soap with wooden dish from Aliciaspeaks_beauty

Body butter from Bee Rich Butters

A candle from Blk Sunflower

Partnering with these companies brings me so much joy and I cannot wait for you to share in supporting these amazing businesses.

Like most bundle packages I will choose the assortment to send you for your enjoyment. This box is for the customer who is open to surprises! It is also a perfect assortment that can be gifted to family and friends for the holidays.

We should all do better at concentrating on our personal welfare and mental health. Take some time just for you, because you’re not adding to the world when your cup is empty. Light a candle, take a warm bath, enjoy a glass of wine, and moisturize your glowing skin before you lay your head to rest. You deserve it!





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