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Two years ago I wrote a post that ultimately changed my mindset. I was applying for a scholarship for a Sinclair and Moore workshop. I didn’t think I would get it, I just figured I would speak the truth and inspire people to live their dreams. When I received it I was in shock! I couldn’t believe that God had blessed me with the opportunity of a lifetime. Young African American girl from the south side of Chicago was traveling alone to Seattle to work on a real wedding with Sinclair and Moore!

Loose Organic Romantic Floral Design

Sinclair and Moore Real Wedding Workshop in studio creating low centerpieces for the elaborate tables design.

Honestly around this time I was feeling burned out, uninspired, and feeling like this may be my last year fighting for this dream of mine. Steve saw something in me that at the time I couldn’t see in myself. I was terrified and refused to speak too much but by the last day we had a really awesome conversation. I’ve been blessed to work on other events after that workshop and it has shown me what I can do and what I’m really made of! I’m a full time agriculture educator, I’m a business owner with huge dreams and because of that there are days when I am just exhausted. After the workshop and the events that I’ve attended I know they can do it so can I!

I met some amazing human beings that I now call my forever flower friends. Life would be so boring if I hadn’t met them. I thank Steve for those blessings as well. I’m so grateful for the doors that have been open for me. I’ve been in rooms that I never imagined I would be in because I’m still working on reaching the mountain top. I thank Steve Moore for being an inspiration. I think my former teacher and friend Maria Byrd would be proud that I’m still in it and now I have people to push me towards the finish line.

Many blessings to my new flower friends and many blessings to the Sinclair and Moore team & family!

photography: @omalleyphotographers
design: @sinclairandmoore
workshop #sinclairandmooreworkshop
stationery: @greyandcake
cake: @thesweetsideseattle
Bridesmaids Bouquet

Bridesmaid bouquet. Everyone had the opportunity to create these special little beauties.

Reception Decor Tall Centerpieces

Sinclair and Moore Real Wedding Workshop Union Station was magical when I was all put together.

Low loose romantic centerpieces

Floral is just a small part of the design. Steve had everything from the flatware to the napkins perfectly coordinated with the designs.


The sea of black and white was just breathtaking in the space.

Low Centerpiece

Loose and everything beautiful. The texture alone has be overwhelmed with excitement.

Tall Greenery Centerpiece

The best part about all of us designing was when it was all put together you couldn’t tell who created what!