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I think the “KEE” to transforming spaces is though beautiful floral. It’s the flowers that bring life, personality, and color to a space. To me floral also allows the bride or the couple to express their creativity, design aesthetic and story of their love. On May 24, 2018 I had the distinct pleasure creating floral for an intimate bridal shower in Michigan. The event took place at Polo fields, a lovely country club located in Ann Arbor. The bride wanted a feminine elegant garden style. This look included lush florals, gold stands, gold candle accessories, tea cups, a variety of foliage’s and mirrored stands. White, blush lavender with pops of deep burgundy floral adorned every table, giving the room a unique theme and feel.

The candle light and the foliage accents really set the romantic atmosphere and setting for the day. I really appreciated the Carolina jasmine vine the trailed down the gold stands and over the front of the head table. It created cohesion and an overall interest to the eye.

I’m a huge fan of large impressive pieces. To me the bigger the better. I also adore textures, so I’ll always choose floral that has varying sizes, shapes, and interests to ensure that the arrangement is appealing to look at.

The usage of novelty floral is a must! I always want to have people guessing what a flower is. It’s the curiosities that really makes the centerpieces fun and worthwhile.

The bonus of this event was my brand new boxwood wall rental. I currently have two 4×8 foot walls that differ depending on either side. On one side its strictly boxwood on the other side there is a lovely white border that allows the wall to appear to be an elegant outdoor hedge. The bride used the all boxwood half with gold script and 24k gold smilax.


I look forward to doing more events such as this. It was so unique and challenged my usual design style. I felt the freedom to let my creativity run wild.

Planning and Coordination: Prim Heiress Events

Rentals: Brittney Kee Floral Design

Floral Arrangements: Brittney Kee Floral Design

Photography: Moments Forever Studio