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Wedding Date: May 27. 2018

What an experience! This wedding was filled with luxury, romance and love. Our company was given the pleasure of creating magic at The Inn at St. John and Kingdom Builders Christian Church.

Mirrored pillars, candelabras, moongate arches, crystals, and extravagant bridges were placed throughout the space to add to the grand design of the day. Blush and white floral with lavish greens were gathered on every table. My favorite flower, the phaleonopsis orchid, was accented on every floral arrangement. Candlelight and floating orbs with LED candles also added to the ambiance of the room.

Creating the bridal bouquet is something I cherish the most from every experience. I transfer all my energy in creating something that my brides will never forget. I pray that every time I make a bouquet it’s exactly what the bride has dreamed of since she was a little girl. The reaction on the brides face is what I really look forward to. Happy tears, smiles, and pure joy is something I genuinely strive for. This wedding was my most luxurious bouquet to date.

The bridal party was stunning, the room looked magical, and the attention to details designed by the coordination of Prim Heiress Events. The sequined linens, beautiful napkins, and metallic chargers really brought the room together.

My favorite set up was the head table filled with candlelight, mirrored floral arrangements, and a large halo centerpiece for the center.

I’ve never been so blessed in my career. Having the ability to challenge myself and my team was an honor. Everything about this event was worthwhile. I learned so much about my team, my personal abilities, and my design ability. Doing an event this large in another state was mind blowing within itself. I was in such awe of what we accomplished and I’m super excited to continue to challenge myself, my team and elevate my business. I know that we as a business will continue to grow, more than anything we will continue to create the events of our brides dreams.

I believe the most exciting part of the wedding day for a florist is dropping off the bridal bouquet to the bride. There is no greater feeling than watching the brides reaction as she sees her bouquet for the first time. Tears of joy and excitement are the most overwhelming reaction that I’ve had the pleasure of observing. There are even times when I want to tear up because I have set the tone for what she will see at her church and at her reception venue.

Planning and Coordination: Prim Heiress Events

Rentals: Brittney Kee Floral Design

Floral Arrangements: Brittney Kee Floral Design

Photography: Moments Forever Studio