My love for visual expression and plants has evolved into a passion for floral design and plant identification.  Almost 13 years later my love for design and flowers has never faded, if anything other amazing desires have manifested within me. I grew from a self conscious young girl to an assured poised woman, desiring to further my studies in plant science, urban farming, landscaping and greenhouse management.



Stacey Kennedy-Conner

“Brittney! Wow! The flowers were AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I cried tears of joy. Thank you, for the basket and truly making my fairytale wedding come true. I've had many people ask me about the flowers and have passed your contact along! I'm looking forward to working with again you soon! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Kara Komp

“You can easily run out of adjectives when describing Brittney's design aesthetic: elegant, yet light-hearted florals crafted by hand with thoughtfulness and restraint; always designed with a special touch, like a cherry on top of the perfect ice cream sundae. Just when you thought your big day couldn't be any more perfect, she manages to create beauty beyond perfection.”

Maanami Puryear

“If you decide to work with Brittney Kee Floral Design expect passion, elegance, innovation, beauty, and visions of love that will provide you with a breathtaking experience. Her designs are not just flowers that have been "married" together. Her designs are art that compliment each clients vision, personality, and life story. I wouldn't trust any other designer with my wedding and event needs.”


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